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And the only Cloud Accountancy in Ethiopia!

About Us

We are modern Accounting firm. We manage everything through Cloud.

In our company, we do facilitate all the offerings of professional accounting and record keeping services; which is basically acceptable by the law of the nation. In doing so, we also intimately work with the client in solving and administrating the following duties.

  • Generating Governmental Reports : In this case you don't need to fill in any governmental form, you can have it by accessing the cloud.
  • Generating Payment Vouchers:  You don't need to have any Payment voucher as a pre-printed document. We have it in the cloud for you.
  • Payroll Management : You can have your payroll data in this cloud whenever you need it you can generate it.  
  • Calculating Tax : As it is demanded by the Government we calculate all governmental taxes for you.
  • Emailing or Reporting: Yes, we do email you every month and keep reporting all your financial statements through your ordinary email.
  • And More: we strongly recommend to visit our website before any decision.

For detail listing, we perform the following main tasks under the above listed.

Generating Governmental Reports

  • VAT or TOT declaration
  • Summary of VAT
  • Any withholding payable
  • Pension declaration
  • Income Tax Declaration

Generating Payment Vouchers (PV)

  • Accessing PV
  • Editing, Deleting and Adding PVs

Payroll Management

  • Managing new employees
  • Managing existing employees
  • Managing taxable allowances
  • Managing non taxable allowances
  • Managing contract employees
  • Managing permanent employees


  • Any Cash and Credit Payment
  • Any Cash and Credit Sales
  • Any Cash receipts
  • Add, Edit and Delete Employee`s Salary

Calculating Tax

  • Calculating withholding tax
  • Calculating Payroll Tax
  • Calculating Profit Tax
  • Calculating Direct and Indirect Taxes


  • Governmental Reports
  • Financial Reports for a Management Purpose only

List of Our Services

Here is a general list of tasks performed by accountants:

  • recording and documenting financial transactions
  • reconciling accounts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • developing, implementing, revising, and documenting record-keeping and accounting systems
  • finding out how to evaluate and record the costs of products and how to assign costs to different departments and other organizational units of businesses
  • examining accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, comprehensiveness, and conformance with reporting and procedural standards
  • analyzing business functions, trends, costs, revenue, and financial obligations
  • projecting revenue and expenses
  • evaluating cash flow and financial risks associated with capital-investment projects
  • performing financial investigations, undertaking audits, composing reports, and detecting fraud
  • providing assurance regarding the authenticity of information contained in financial reports and their adherence to statutory and government requirements
  • reporting to management regarding finances
  • computing taxes owed and preparing tax returns
  • preparing financial reports for presentation to boards of directors, members of management, creditors, shareholders, and statutory bodies on a regular basis or when requested
  • finding methods for running businesses more efficiently and economically
  • assisting in creating budgetary and accounting policies
  • developing, maintaining, and analyzing budgets
  • preparing periodic statements that compare budgeted costs to actual costs
  • advising management on matters such as the purchase and sale of businesses, mergers, capital financing, and insolvency
  • providing financial and taxation advice to management on business structures, plans, and operations
  • interacting with bankers and brokers to create fund-management arrangements
  • designing internal accounting controls to minimize errors in business records
  • creating, implementing, altering, and documenting accounting systems

About Our Staffs

Our multidisciplinary professional staff includes experts in Authorized Accountancy, Tax Auditors, Tax Consultancy, Senior Managerial and Financial Expertise, national security, law, Government, the social and biological sciences, and communications and publications.



Founder & CEO, ethio finance™

MBA, BBA, Diploma- Accounting, IFRS for SMEs Qualification and more International Certifications….

He have the ability of good oral and written communication skills, self-motivation, commercial awareness, initiative and the ability to work as part of a team. Excellent problem-solving, analytical, technical, IT and numerical abilities are always on my service.

I have also the skill to manage SAP, SUNS Accounting, Peachtree Accounting, QuickBooks, G One, and Cloud Accounting in addition to Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and access)

Having more than Twelve years practical work experience as,

  • Tax Auditor
  • Finance Manager
  • Director of Finance
  • Head, Administration and Finance
  • Managing Director
  • CEO
  • Consultant

The following organizations was benefited from his old handed knowhow, (Bole sub-city administration finance & economy development office revenue department, Prevent Child Abuse and HIVADIS Voluntary Association, Roha College ( Roha Multi- Talent Educational Institution), Hope Enterprises (Hope University College), VisionFund Ethiopia ( Vision Fund International ), AMRIF, UN, Terry Style + H2O, Daruga plc, Designo Consultancy plc, Construction Companies, Educational Companies, and More …

He was able to engage in routine financial tasks (Posting and Coding), Interpreting financial Statements, Analyzing Financial Statements, Preparing Financial Statements, Preparing and guiding Budget, Managing and coordination HR, Computerizing Financial and HR Departments, Preparing and Reviewing Financial and HR Manuals, and More …..


Co-Founder & managing Director, ethio finance™

In the last Eleven years, Betigul Bekalu has obtained significant work experience in financial planning and management with international NGOs like ACF (Action Contre Lafaim), Nuru International and CADG (Central Asian Development Group), both in Ethiopia and abroad. Being a co-founder of ethio finance™, Betiglu is improving the efficiency of the organization’s finance and administration systems and is contributing a lot to ethio finance™ mission as main decision maker in the Strategic Leadership Team. He holds MBA from Jimma University and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Hawassa University.


Adjectives that describe the individuals we seek are also as follows: Flexible, Culturally Aware, Adaptive, Sensitive, Quick Learning, Financially Astute, Fun, Hardworking, Relentless, Empathic, Calm, Quick Thinking, Venturesome, Attentive, Meticulous, Responsive, Common Sense, Takes Initiative & Selfless. (Additional for EFL: Good Administrative Skills, Reliable, Patience, Able to Work Independently, Responds Positively to Feedback)